Welcome to the Housing First Europe Hub

The Hub is a network of organisations, public authorities and foundations working to scale up Housing First in Europe. The Hub organizes training on Housing First, conducts and publishes research, and produces tools for practitioners and policy makers to understand, explain and deliver Housing First.

The resources on this website are available to everyone. More information about our training, research and other programmes will be made available over the next months. Click on the links to find out more about the Hub Partners, as well as about Housing First in your country or city.

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Read the report from the first ever Europe-wide study of Housing First

Compiling data from 19 countries, evidence from the 2019 study shows that the Housing First model is effective, but needs more political support to increase its impact across Europe.

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Housing First Europe Hub’s Research Digest


Every four months, the Hub’s Research Work Cluster digests a selection of three to five papers on Housing First for you to showcase new and relevant research on HF in Europe and elsewhere – with a critical eye, of course!

Each edition of the Research Digest is curated by a HF Hub member, therefore presenting personal research interests and views of HF experts across Europe.

Read more: http://uutiskirje.asuntoensin.fi/a/s/140502396-9b912669f0ae535bfabc2d59bb9f22e7/2866455

Learn about Housing First

Watch this video to learn more about Housing First, and in particular, Housing First in Europe. Produced as part of a series of videos to accompany the Housing First Europe Guide in 2016, this video is also available with subtitles in French, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian and Italian.

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A Home of Your Own Handbook

A handbook published by the Y-Foundation on the Finnish Housing First principle for your use.   

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Housing First Guide Europe

The Guide is a resource about Housing First in Europe. It has been designed to explain Housing First and how it actually works.


The Hub was established by the Y-Foundation (Finland) and FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People), along with more than 15 partners in July 2016.

Click on the Partners to learn more about their work on Housing First.

Advisors to the Hub: Stephen Gaetz, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, York University, Toronto, Canada
Sam Tsemberis, Pathways to Housing, New York, USA
Melanie Redman, A Way Home, Canada

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