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The Housing First Europe Hub

The Housing First Europe Hub was established in 2016 by the Y-Foundation (Finland) and FEANTSA (the European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People) along with more than 15 partners. Since then, the Hub has grown to include more than 45 organisations, cities, government ministries, housing providers and researchers from across Europe and beyond.
We work in partnership with our core and associate partners to promote Housing First as the first and central response to homelessness. The Hub’s mission is to end and prevent homelessness through a mindshift, leading to a systems’ change across Europe, based on Housing First through advocacy, training, practice, research, support and communication activities.

Housing First & System Change

Housing First is more than just an approach to help people experiencing homelessness, it is the key to unlocking broader systems’ change to prevent and end homelessness across Europe. Find out more about on the Knowledge & Capacity  page and explore our latest Resources & Activities.


  • Unlocking housing for Housing First

    Homelessness continues to be an acute problem for almost all countries in Europe, but there is new political eagerness to tackle this problem, including from the European Union with…

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  • Systems Change: Housing First and the Criminal Justice System – Lindsay Mesa

    What does it take to change? One thing I know about working to end homelessness and institutionalization is that it requires a particular dance of steadfast, unwavering commitment and…

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  • EVALUATION: Westminster VAWG Housing First Service Second Year Evaluation

    This evaluation highlights the key outcomes, challenges, and successes of the second year of the Westminster VAWG Housing First project. It covers the period of September 2020 – September…

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  • WEBINAR: Housing First for Youth

    Youth experiencing homelessness have particular needs that require the adaptation of Housing First to meet those needs. Research from Canada and Europe on adaptations of Housing First is presented…

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  • Q&A Session with Samara Jones for bachelor and master’s students

    On 24 March from 14:00 – 15:30 (Brussels CET) we organised a Q&A session for master & bachelor students to ask questions about the implementation of Housing First in…

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  • WEBINAR: Sourcing housing for Housing First and different solutions

    The Housing First model cannot be implemented without housing. There are challenges in housing availability around the world. There is enthusiasm and will to take the model forward, but…

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