Taking a Housing First approach means shifting how we work
– from managing homelessness to ending and preventing it. 

Research and Policy

You can find here the special edition of the European Journal on Homelessness – 13 articles from a wide range of authors about the systems change papers, published in 2023.

Housing and Housing Policy

Housing and housing policy is crucial for Housing First.  Across Europe – and beyond – cities face a crisis when it comes to affordable housing.  A lack of housing should never be used as an excuse NOT to take a Housing First approach.  The Housing First Europe Hub works with its Partners and other actors to call for access to more affordable housing, and to look for creative solutions.

To get involved with the Hub, contact our Coordinator, Arturo Coego.

Read more and find inspiration: → Report on Unlocking Housing for Housing First


Helpful documents: 

These two papers illustrate how taking a Housing First approach can be applied to cities and governments.  With examples from Finland, France, Spain and Scotland, this paper provides a framework and can inspire you to make changes in your own context.

Key ingredients

The key ingredients to making this change are: 

  1. Key actors and motivated people
  2. A shift in working culture
  3. Structures designed to end and prevent homelessness (housing, policies, etc.)
  4. Stable and predictable funding
  5. Policies and political commitment


  • PRESS RELEASE: Systemic change needed to end homelessness in Europe for good

    (Photo: Raquel Sánchez Jiménez – Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of Spain, speaking on day 1 of the conference)
    PRESS RELEASE – Madrid, 29th March 2022  Housing First is the key to unlocking systemic change to end homelessness in Europe by 2030. That’s the central message from the inaugural conference… Check it out here
  • Looking to the Future – Juha Kaakinen on the importance of perspective when developing Housing First

    “After over 9 years as a CEO of Y-Foundation I have already handed all responsibilities over to my successor Teija Ojankoski and I’m in the happy process of transition to retirement as a senior advisor. It means that I can speak freely without any liabilities. I have a theory that… Check it out here

Get involved!

Ending homelessness is totally achievable if we grasp this opportunity to do things differently. People experiencing homelessness deserve nothing less.

We particularly encourage you to read our latest publications on these topics above, which offer practical and pragmatic guides to help you navigate your Housing First and Systems Change journey, no matter where you are starting from.

To find out more about the Hub’s advocacy activities, to get involved, or for more information on any aspect of our advocacy work, please contact the Hub’s coordinator.