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Muriel Allart

Muriel is a Psychologist with 10 years of experience in Harm Reduction. She has been a Housing First Manager since 2013 – including ACT + ICM team management – and has rehoused more than 50 clients to date. As a Housing First trainer, Muriel shares her expertise in Harm Reduction, Recovery, Peer work, Crises management, […]


Peter Brepoels

Peter started to work in youth and young adult care in the nineties, being focused on youth at risk of becoming homeless or young adults being homeless. At the time some of his older colleagues advised him to lower his expectations as to what could be achieved. He continued working, and 10 years later, caught […]


Rémi Dekoninck

Rémi has 20 years of experience working in the social sector, with experience in a wide range of social and homeless services, including: Social Worker since 2000 Social Housing 2000 First Line social services 2002-2005 Family Planning 2005-2016 Therapeutical community 2013-2018 Social school teacher 2016-2018 Health services for drug addictions 2018- now Housing First worker […]


Oser le logement pour une sortie rapide et durable du sans-abrisme

Tedx talk on Housing First by Coralie Buxant.   Les sans-abri les plus fragiles (santé mentale/toxicomanie) ne parviennent que difficilement à franchir les étapes successives du processus classique d’insertion. Housing First propose une alternative: l’accès immédiat et inconditionnel au logement, depuis la rue, avec un accompagnement pluridisciplinaire intensif adapté. L’expérimentation d’innovation sociale Housing First Belgium […]


POD Maatschappelijke Integratie (Belgian Public Planning Service for Social Integration)

The Belgian Public Planning Service (PPS) for Social Integration was established by the Royal Decree of 12 December 2002. It manages the Belgian minimum income scheme for people of active age, and is responsible for preparing, developing, and coordinating the Belgian policy on the fight against poverty so that fundamental social rights are guaranteed to […]

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