In 2014 HOGAR SÍ, in collaboration with Provivienda, was the first organisation in Spain that started developing and systematically implementing Housing First projects in Spain.

The starting point for this was the so-called Hábitat project as a state-level pilot project in three Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga. Since then there are more than 500 Housing First projects that have been set up around Spain.

Around the year 2012, some Spanish social organisations began advocating for the introduction of
the Housing First model in Spain. The first success of these advocacy efforts could be seen in 2014 with the implementation of the Hábitat project in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga led by HOGAR SÍ.

The so-called ‘staircase’ model was previously the most commonly used approach in Spain. However, in 2015, the National Strategy for Homeless People 2015-2020 got published by the Council of Ministers in which Housing First got specifically mentioned as a strategic recommendation. It has to be noted though, that the regional governments are not obliged to follow the strategy.

The Hábitat project showed a high housing retention rate and increased levels of quality of life for its participants. Inspired by these initial successful results, the first public Housing First service in the country, called Primer la Llar, got established by the municipality of Barcelona in 2015.



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