Our partners in Norway

  • Husbanken

    The Norwegian State Housing Bank (Husbanken) is the main governmental agency implementing Norwegian social housing policy on the national level. The primary vision for the Norwegian housing policy is to ensure adequate and secure housing for all. The Housing Banks activity aims at preventing households from becoming disadvantaged in the housing market, and to enable already disadvantaged households to acquire and keep their own home. The Housing Bank manages financial instruments such as housing benefits, allowances and loans, available for households, municipalities and the construction sector. The Housing Bank also cooperates with municipalities, the voluntary sector, and others, in order to develop knowledge and competence considering disadvantages in the housing market. As per the 1st of July, 2021 a total of 25 Norwegian municipalities have initiated their own Housing First projects. A national network has been established for all Housing First projects in Norway, led by NAPHA, with two meetings arranged each year.