Housing First Training

The Housing First Europe Hub can help organisations, governments, housing providers, and professionals,  to organize information sessions and training for a wide range of audiences.  We can provide introductory level programmes as well as specialist training on specific topics.

Please contact Samara Jones (samara.jones@housingfirsteurope.eu) or Juha Kahila (juha.kahila@housingfirsteurope.eu) for more information.

Train-the-Trainer (TTT)

The Hub runs an annual educational programme for Housing First trainers called Train-the-Trainer, designed for trainers who wish to specialize in training on Housing First.  The goal is to create a European pool of trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable about Housing First, and who will be able to conduct a variety of training modules on aspects of Housing First in countries across Europe, and beyond.

Now entering its fourth year, each course brings together approximately 30 trainers from a number of European countries and beyond for three training sessions in different European cities over the course of a year. The curriculum is based on the Housing First Europe Guide (which is now available in English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Czech).

The trainers use the 8 core principles of Housing First  as a foundation for the course, and are now developing their own training courses on topics which cover topics in the following areas:

– What is Housing First

– Delivering Housing First

– Managing Housing First

The current course will run in late 2022. Please note that each Cohort is limited to 30 participants. Participants from Hub partner organisations are offered first preference on course places.

To become a Hub partner, or if you wish to be kept informed about applications for the train-the)trainer programme, please contact one of our Hub Programme Coordinators.

TTT Course Dates 2022 (Cohort 4)

Session 1: 11-13 May 2022
Location: Berlin, Germany

Session 2: 20-22 June 2022
Location: Bologna, Italy

Session 3: 17-21 October 2022
Location: Budapest, Hungary

**Please note: attendance at all three sessions of the course is required to receive certification from the Hub.**

Trainers’ Directory


Trainers who have completed the Housing First Europe Hub’s Train-the-Trainer programme are eligible to join our Housing First Training Faculty. Our expert trainers are leaders in their field and work in organisations, governments, and educational institutions across Europe. Click on the photos below to learn more about each of our certified trainers, or use the filter menu above to find the latest list of trainers available to provide training on Housing First in your local area.

  • 50ni6 - Amanda Bloxsome

    Name: Amanda Bloxsome

    Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

    Country: UK
    Languages: English

    I am an accomplished leader, who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Managers and educated to post graduate level. I am passionate about system change within homelessness…

  • Linkedafb - Skippen Dam

    Name: Peter-Jan Heylenbosch

    Goodmen services – Freelancer

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    Since the beginning of my career as a social worker I loved working with people suffering homelesness. I started working in day shelter for homless people during my studies…

  • 20210512_155402-e1622800884906-3.jpg

    Name: Melanie Schmit

    LIMOR & Housing First Netherlands

    Country: Netherlands
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    Melanie Schmit’s entire working life has been about people in need, among which the biggest part has been in the field of homelessness. She studied social work, then completed…

  • 2019_Portrait_Emine_Oezkan-Emine-Oezkan-2.jpg

    Name: Emine Özkan

    Neunerhaus – Hilfe für obdachlose Menschen

    Country: Austria
    Languages: EnglishGermanTurkish

    Emine Özkan has a leading position at the Austrian social organization Neunerhaus, where she has managed the Housing First team since 2018. Previously, Emine worked in the field of…

  • Kuva-Juha-Juha-Kahila-2.jpg

    Name: Juha Kahila


    Country: Finland
    Languages: EnglishFinnish

    Juha has been working for 10 years in the field of homelessness. He started as a frontline support worker in 2010 for the Finnish Youth housing association services (NALPA)….

  • NAS_EMH_10.12.18-Nadyah-Abdel-Salam-scaled-3.jpg

    Name: Nadyah Abdel Salam

    GIE La ville autrement – Est Metropole Habitat

    Country: France
    Languages: French

    Nadyah is a socio-urbanist and a task officer at GIE La Ville Autrement where she works on the deployment of partnership projects for the homeless in the metropolitan of…

  • M.Allart-Training-picture-Muriel-Allart-2.jpg

    Name: Muriel Allart


    Country: Belgium
    Languages: French

    Muriel is a Psychologist with 10 years of experience in Harm Reduction. She has been a Housing First Manager since 2013 – including ACT + ICM team management –…

  • brep-Peter-Brepoels-2.jpg

    Name: Peter Brepoels

    Steunpunt Mens en Samenleving

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    Peter started to work in youth and young adult care in the nineties, being focused on youth at risk of becoming homeless or young adults being homeless. At the…

  • IMG_20200109_184507-Rémi-Dekoninck-scaled-3.jpg

    Name: Rémi Dekoninck

    Diogènes (Station Logement)/ Projet Lama

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: French

    Rémi has 20 years of experience working in the social sector, with experience in a wide range of social and homeless services, including: Social Worker since 2000 Social Housing…

  • Joanne-Prestidge_medium-Joanne-Prestidge-2.jpg

    Name: Jo Prestidge

    Homeless Link

    Country: UK
    Languages: English

    Jo is an experienced project manager supporting the development and delivery of innovation and good practice within the field of homelessness and complex needs. This includes as the lead…

  • Cole_Pilvi_MG_6312_edit_kork1600-Pilvl-Cole-2.jpg

    Name: Pilvi Azeem


    Country: Finland
    Languages: EnglishFinnish

    Pilvi’s first experience working with people experiencing homelessness was in Scotland year 2005 where she worked as an assertive outreach worker for over two years, learning first-hand about people…

  • DavidV-David-Valouch-scaled-e1579607865726-2.jpg

    Name: David Valouch

    Platform for Social Housing

    Country: Czech Republic
    Languages: CzechEnglishSlovak

    David has over 15 years of work with drug addicts, including as an outreach worker, frontline worker, community therapist, and parental counsellor. He also has 3 years experience working…

Introductory Training Videos

  • VIDEO: An Introduction to Housing First (English version)

    https://youtu.be/kSP7mLvkUFc Check it out here
  • VIDEO: An Introduction to Housing First (French version)

    https://youtu.be/sHhtGEiYMpo Check it out here
  • VIDEO: An Introduction to Housing First (Dutch version)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDYAtCeiltY Check it out here
  • VIDEO: An Introduction to Housing First (Spanish version)

    https://youtu.be/qf1isHLCuZI Check it out here
  • VIDEO: An Introduction to Housing First (Italian version)

    https://youtu.be/rTzrgVmdxyQ Check it out here

Training from our Network


  • PUBLICATION: An Introduction to Housing First

    Designed for people who are learning about Housing First for the first time, this short digital guide offers an overview of the core principles and features of Housing First, together with frequently asked questions and answers. Read or download the publication here. Check it out here
  • PUBLICATION: An Introduction to Housing First for Youth (HF4Y)

    Designed for people who are learning about Housing First for Youth (HF4Y) for the first time, this short introductory guide offers an overview of the key elements of HF4Y and why it’s important, together with frequently asked questions and answers. Read or download the publication here. Check it out here
  • PUBLICATION: Housing First Guide – Europe

    The Housing First Guide – Europe is a cornerstone text for all policymakers, researchers, practitioners, trainers, and anyone else who wishes to understand Housing First and how to implement it in their local community. Read or download the guide in English here. The guide is also available in several other… Check it out here