Magdalena Syrówka


Przyszłość jest dziś

Country: Poland
Languages: EnglishPolish

I am a therapist, psychologist, sexual educator and mediator. I worked as a frontline support worker and than also as the head of the team implementing Housing First in Warsaw (by Fundacja Fundusz Współpracy) – from the very beginning of the project to almost the end (3 years). On one hand I provided support on a daily basis and in crisis situations for tenants and on the other hand I organised work of the team, stayed in touch with the city and other organisations. We worked in Assertive Community Treatment approach. I’m a psychotraumatologist and I also provide support in a field of sexual education and leadership in family based on Jesper Juul values (as a Familylab trainer). I’m honest, calm and authentical, positive and attentive (careful/observant) for others. I speak my mind. My core is nonviolent communication, personal responsibility and respect for the integrity of the individual.