Dieuwertje de Jong

Dieuwertje foto - Dieuwertje de Jong


Country: Netherlands
Languages: DutchEnglish

My name is Dieuwertje de Jong. I am working for the municipality of Groningen. I advice on policy for social care and homelessness. Before this I was a Housing First team manager for 5 years, in a organization were I started my career as a social worker. I first learned about Housing First in 2013 and was drawn tot the concept of giving the most difficult and high care need clients a change at housing directly from the streets. My manager at the time told me if the rent is paid, they let you in, and the neighbours are not complaining, they (and you) are doing a great job! This allowed me to follow the clients tempo in making steps to stabilize their addiction or mental health issues. What really intrigued me was how clients struggled to make their house a home. The transition from a ‘surviving-mode’ to feeling safe and secure in their new home, I found was a big challange for most of my clients and something I found very rewarding to be a part of. Now, for a couple of years, I also provide training for Housing First teams. The training gives Housing First support workers the tools they need to understand and provide high fidelity suppert for their clients.