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Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programme

Train-the-Trainer is an annual educational programme designed for trainers who wish to specialise in training on Housing First.  The goal is to create a European pool of trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable about Housing First, and who will be able to conduct a variety of training modules on aspects of Housing First in countries across Europe, and beyond.

Now ending its fifth year, each course brings together approximately 30 trainers from a number of European countries and beyond for three training sessions in different European cities over the course of a year.

The curriculum is based on the Housing First Europe Guide (which is now available in multiple languages here).

Find out more about TtT cohort 5 here.

Training for cities

Cities play a crucial role in implementing the Housing First approach for addressing homelessness due to their unique position as hubs of resources, services, and governance. Housing First is a strategy that prioritizes providing stable and permanent housing to homeless individuals without preconditions, such as sobriety or participation in treatment programs.

Our pool of trainers can provide your city with expert guidance on how to develop and implement a Housing First programme, how the eight core-principles get applied, data collection and evaluation, etc.

To provide you with the best assistance, we invite you to email our Hub Coordinator Arturo Coego

Personalised training

The Housing First Europe Hub can help organisations, governments, housing providers, and professionals, to organise information sessions and training for a wide range of audiences.  We can provide introductory level programmes as well as specialist training on specific topics.

If your organisation is interested in a specific topic on Housing First such as Housing First for Youth or Housing First and women, we can also design a flexible training programme adapted to your needs. Feel free to email our Hub Coordinator Arturo Coego

Other suggested topics:

  • Implementing Housing First
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Client-Centered Approach
  • Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Community Engagement


Trainers’ Directory

Trainers who have completed the Housing First Europe Hub’s Train-the-Trainer programme are eligible to join our Housing First Training Faculty. Our expert trainers are leaders in their field and work in organisations, governments, and educational institutions across Europe. Click on the photos below to learn more about each of our certified trainers, or use the filter menu above to find the latest list of trainers available to provide training on Housing First in your local area.
  • IMG_20210515_102559695_BURST001 (3) - De Bolle Geert

    Geert De Bolle

    Housing First Lab

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    “For me, Housing First is about dignity. By offering people back a home that is really theirs, you give them so much more: freedom and autonomy, life chances, future, happiness”
      Geert has been the Dutch coordinator of the Housing First Lab since 2018. He lives in Kortrijk, is married and has three grown-up children, who are gradually leaving home. He enjoys travelling, long walks and board games. Geert is a trained social worker and had 15 years of experience within the local OCMW operation where he was responsible for the reception and guidance of homeless people. From this work, he got to know the ideas of Housing First. Later in life, he started university studies in social work at Ghent University.    

  • Jana Hajkova

    Jana Hájková

    Heimstaden Czech s.r.o.

    Country: Czech Republic
    Languages: CzechEnglish

    I manage the S NÁMI DOMŮ project (WITH US HOME program), which has been operating since 2018 and meets all the conditions of Housing First for Youth. As part of the program, we provide housing for children leaving children’s homes and foster families and help them integrate into society.

  • Kuva-Juha-Juha-Kahila-2.jpg

    Juha Kahila


    Country: Finland
    Languages: EnglishFinnish

    Juha has been working for 10 years in the field of homelessness. He started as a frontline support worker in 2010 for the Finnish Youth housing association services (NALPA). NALPA offers housing first in scattered housing for young people experiencing homelessness. After 3,5 years Juha became the Service manager and his responsibility was to develop the services and manage the Housing First team. After 1,5 years of being the service manager Juha became the CEO of the whole company. Juha had the privilege of developing and growing the company to a widespread presence across Finland. Following NALPA, Juha started work at the Y-Foundation. He worked for a little over one year as a Coordinator for the  National Housing First Development Network. At the beginning of 2020, he became the Lead Coordinator of the same Network. As part of his role at the Network, Juha organises training courses at national level, and is working on developing the Housing First model together with dozens of NGO’s and cities.

  • 032_Mitarbeiterinnenportraits__Liebentritt_06. Oktober 2020 - Marlene

    Marlene Panzenböck

    Neunerhaus – Hilfe für obdachlose Menschen

    Country: Austria
    Languages: EnglishGermanSpanish

    Marlene is a project manager and team leader at neunerhaus Housing First in Vienna and a lecturer for Housing First at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences. Marlene previously worked as a social worker with young refugees and in the education sector.

  • 20210512_155402-e1622800884906-3.jpg

    Melanie Schmit

    LIMOR & Housing First Netherlands

    Country: Netherlands
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    Melanie Schmit’s entire working life has been about people in need, among which the biggest part has been in the field of homelessness. She studied social work, then completed a bachelor’s degree  in health care management and a study around professional coaching and leadership. Currently she is focusing on education around public affairs. Melanie started out as a social worker in a homelessness service and after that was a manager for several years, mainly managing and implementing Housing First practices for adults as well as youth. Today, Melanie works for LIMOR on scaling up, further developing, and promoting Housing First in the Northern and Western part of The Netherlands. In that capacity she is also training groups on Housing First inside and outside the organisation. Furthermore Melanie is president of the national platform, Housing First Netherlands. She was a co-initiator and co-founder of this network organization that acts as a collective representative for Housing First practices in the Netherlands and Housing First in general.

  • Profiili - Asunto Ensin Verkostokehittäjät

    Mia Saarela


    Country: Finland
    Languages: EnglishFinnish

    Mia is Coordinator for the National Housing First Development Network in Finland. She is passionate about eradicating homelessness and developing new ways of approaching housing-related issues. Mia has a backround in youth housing, social services & child protection services and is also experience in networking, providing training and a platform for learning about Housing First and housing related social work.

  • 2023-03-23-094503_4 - Thomas Lam

    Thomas Lambrechts

    Capuche asbl

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: French

    Development of associative project for more than 20 years. I have worked in the fields of culture, politics, sport/leisure and real estate. Investing 100% in HF4Y projects since 2021.

  • Tomáš Novotný - Tomáš Novotný

    Tomáš Novotný

    Spolek PORTAVITA

    Country: Czech Republic
    Languages: Czech

    I started working in 2006 in a Halfway house Chamomile as a social worker and since the year 2013 an educator in a facility for children requiring immediate help in the same organization Chamomile. I did these two jobs at the same time until 2017. After that I started working as a social worker in an Asylum for families with children Hannah, where I worked for 3 years. In 2020, I started as a key social worker in the PORTAVITA Housing First for adults project, where I still work today. Supported persons are mainly single mothers with children, but also complete families. The second project Housing First for Adults is already running at the moment.

Introductory Training Videos

  • An Introduction to Housing First (English version) Check it out here
  • An Introduction to Housing First (French version) Check it out here
  • An Introduction to Housing First (Dutch version) Check it out here
  • An Introduction to Housing First (Spanish version) Check it out here
  • An Introduction to Housing First (Italian version) Check it out here

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