• EVALUATION: Findings from the 50 LIVES 50 HOMES Program – Zero Project, Perth, Australia

    The 50 Lives 50 Homes program (50 Lives), which commenced in late-2015 and was the first Housing First program in Western Australia (WA). It was a collaborative program that...

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  • EVALUATION: Housing First Evaluation Framework – Template

    To support researchers and service providers seeking to assess Housing First services, the Research group of the Housing First Europe Hub has developed an Evaluation Framework template for Housing First...

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  • NAS_EMH_10.12.18-Nadyah-Abdel-Salam-scaled-3.jpg

    Name: Nadyah Abdel Salam

    GIE La ville autrement - Est Metropole Habitat

    Country: France
    Languages: French

    Nadyah is a socio-urbanist and a task officer at GIE La Ville Autrement where she works on the deployment of partnership projects for the homeless in the metropolitan of...

  • brep-Peter-Brepoels-2.jpg

    Name: Peter Brepoels

    Steunpunt Mens en Samenleving

    Country: Belgium
    Languages: DutchEnglish

    Peter started to work in youth and young adult care in the nineties, being focused on youth at risk of becoming homeless or young adults being homeless. At the...

  • Housing First Evaluations in Brussels (in French)

    This review of the Housing First evaluations in Brussels sheds light on the details of how Housing First works in a complex local context.

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  • The Finnish Homelessness Strategy – An International Review

    This international review covers the whole of the Finnish programme to reduce long-term homelessness implemented during 2008–2011 and 2012–2015, Paavo I and Paavo II. The review looks into the programme...

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  • Evaluatie Housing First

    An evaluation of HF4Y in The Netherlands (in Dutch).

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  • Passive adaptation or active engagement? The challenges of Housing First internationally and in the Italian case

    Overview of the challenges of the implementation of the Housing First internationally and in the Italian case

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  • Le logement d’abord, et après Bilan et propositions pour la généralisation du logement d’abord en France

    Evaluation of Housing First in France which includes recommendations for scaling up.

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  • Can Housing First help end homelessness?

    Blog post, Matt Downie from The Crises. The Centre for Social Justice has presented a plan to end homelessness

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