EVALUATION: Findings from the 50 LIVES 50 HOMES Program – Zero Project, Perth, Australia

The 50 Lives 50 Homes program (50 Lives), which commenced in late-2015 and was the first Housing First program in Western Australia (WA). It was a collaborative program that aimed to house and support 50 of the most vulnerable chronic rough sleepers in Perth, a goal that was achieved in June 2017.

During 50 Lives, support was provided directly to individuals by over 50 service providers from at least 30 separate organisations across the homelessness, health, and justice sectors. Specialised after-hours nursing and psychosocial support, provided via the After- Hours Support Service (AHSS), was integral to the provision of individualised care and to enabling many individuals to sustain their tenancies.

In October 2020, 50 Lives transitioned into the Zero Project, which is based on the Advance to Zero methodology.2 Learnings from 50 Lives were applied in developing and implementing the Zero Project, and many people who were supported through 50 Lives continue to be supported through the Zero Project.

This fourth, and final, 50 Lives evaluation report provides an in-depth analysis of the housing, health and justice outcomes of individuals who were supported through the program, and reflects on some of the broader highlights and key learnings from 50 Lives over the past six years. As with preceding 50 Lives reports, quantitative data, including hospital records, primary health records, WA Police records, and housing data are complemented by case studies and personal insights from key stakeholders.


Read or download the report here.

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