Geert De Bolle

    “For me, Housing First is about dignity. By offering people back a home that is really theirs, you give them so much more: freedom and autonomy, life chances, future, happiness”   Geert has been the Dutch coordinator of the Housing First Lab since 2018. He lives in Kortrijk, is married and has three grown-up children, […]

    PRESENTATION: Youth Housing & Housing First for Youth in Finland (Tiina Irjala, NAL)

    These slides were used during the Housing First for Youth session of the International Social Housing Festival in Helsinki, June 2022. The presentation is made available with the permission of the author, Tiina Irjala. The content rights remain with the author. Please contact Tiina Irjala ( should you wish to use any element in whole […]

    Melanie Schmit

    Melanie Schmit’s entire working life has been about people in need, among which the biggest part has been in the field of homelessness. She studied social work, then completed a bachelor’s degreeĀ  in health care management and a study around professional coaching and leadership. Currently she is focusing on education around public affairs. Melanie started […]

    Juha Kahila

    Juha has been working for 10 years in the field of homelessness. He started as a frontline support worker in 2010 for the Finnish Youth housing association services (NALPA). NALPA offers housing first in scattered housing for young people experiencing homelessness. After 3,5 years Juha became the Service manager and his responsibility was to develop […]