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What is Housing First for Landlords & Housing Providers

Housing First is an innovative model that provides people experiencing homelessness – or at risk of homelessness – with a home and professional, personalised support. It is proven to be life-changing for tenants, as it helps them regain control over their lives, starting with a safe, secure, and appropriate home.

Whether you are a private landlord or social or public housing provider, your role in this transformative process is critical. By providing good-quality housing to vulnerable people, landlords and housing providers can make a real difference in the fundamental quality of life of Housing First tenants, which vastly improves their chances of long-term recovery from homelessness.

Introduction to Housing First: Landlords & Housing Providers

Have a property to rent and curious to learn more about how to get involved with Housing First?

Designed for landlords and housing providers interested in supporting and engaging with the Housing First approach, this introductory guide offers insight and answers some frequently asked questions about what being a Housing First landlord entails.

Read or download the guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does housing for Housing First come from?

Who covers the costs of housing and rent?

What is expected of tenants?

What is expected of landlords/housing providers?

I’m interested. How do I know if my property is suitable for Housing First?

Can I choose which Housing First tenant to rent to?

Is renting to Housing First tenants different from renting to other tenants?

I only have one property, can I still rent to Housing First tenants?

Who will I be in contact with as a Housing First landlord?

How can I be sure that my tenant will be able to afford rent and pay on time?

What if my tenant is disruptive or displays anti-social behaviour?

What other guarantees do I have?

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