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Women and homelessness – Churchill Fellowship findings webinar

This webinar is a discussion exploring how the approaches and models in Canada, Finland and Sweden in preventing and tackling women’s homelessness. Read more...


Everybody in – How to end homelessness in Great Britain

This plan by Crisis outlines the evidence-based solutions that can end homelessness in Great Britain, built round the belief that everyone should have –and is ready for – a safe, stable place to live. It contains solutions for the long term, rather than to suit current political favour, building on what has worked at home […] Read more...

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Housing First Quality Recommendations – Finland

These quality recommendations were constructed by the Networking for Development Project in Finland. The aim is to highlight proven and successful ways of working in accordance with the Housing First principle, to complement and concretize legislation. Read more...


THIS is Housing First for Youth – A Program Model Guide Read more...

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“Housing First” for Homeless Youth With Mental Illness

Housing First in homeless youth with mental illness improves housing stability relative to usual care. Read more...

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Canadian Housing First Toolkit: The At Home/Chez Soi experience


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