PUBLICATION: A guide to using EU funds for Housing First

The EU Funds can help drive investment in Housing First, and Housing First and housing-led approaches can be a lever to reducing, ending and preventing homelessness.

Co-developed with FEANTSA, our guide will help if you are:

  1. Working in governments at national level and are supporting Housing First projects
  2. Managing Authorities responsible for the programming and disbursement of the European Structural Funds
  3. Organisations working on homelessness or housing who wish to access EU Funds for Housing First (to start projects, expand programmes, help fund support services, help finance housing, etc.)
  4. European Commission officials looking for information about how best these funds can support Housing First

Contents include:

  • Short introductions to the different types of EU Funds available for Housing First
  • An explanation of the key actors involved in the EU Funds and their roles
  • Links to relevant websites where you can find information about how to get more information on the EU Funds for your country or region
  • Case studies from Italy, the Czech Republic and France with inspiring examples of how to us the EU Funds for Housing First.

You can read or download the guide here.

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