WEBINAR: Unlocking Potential: Opportunities for a housing-led shift in Hungary

On November the 7th, join us for a Webinar on ‘Unlocking Potential: Opportunities for a housing-led shift in Hungary’

The Webinar will start with an introduction by Arturo Coego, Coordinator of the Housing First Europe Hub that will moderate the session.

Ella Hancock, Homelessness Programme manger at World Habitat, will present us the World Habitat feasibility study on Ending Homelessness in Central and Eastern Europe recently released during a 15 minutes presentation.

Eszter Somogyi, Researcher at the Metropolitan Research Institute, will then allow us to delve into the Hungarian context and on the possibilities of a Housing First Paradigm Shift in Hungary, following World Habitat feasibility studies and article she wrote with Boróka Fehér on the last Journal European Journal on Homelessness.

These presentations will be followed-up by a discussion that will allow you to exchange insights and ask questions with fellow attendees!