WEBINAR: Sourcing housing for Housing First and different solutions

The Housing First model cannot be implemented without housing. There are challenges in housing availability around the world. There is enthusiasm and will to take the model forward, but a shortage of housing can slow things down. What is needed is to take good practice that has already been done successfully elsewhere and bring the best of it into our own work.

We welcome you to join us for a webinar where we will approach the issue through successful examples, without forgetting the challenges. Our speakers will be two of the absolute best in Housing First, who will share their successes and challenges from two different perspectives.


Juha Soivio, Y-Foundation “ Housing and different housing solutions”

Juha leads the national Housing First network, which means that he is very familiar with different housing options and getting housing to HF work.

He has also worked for a service provider, which has familiarised him with the challenges and successes of the housing market.

Gustaf  Henriksson, Gothenburg City “ Getting housing to Housing First – City perspective”

Gustaf works for the City of Gothenburg in an apartment first job. So it is very interesting to hear what housing and the housing market looks like from the city’s perspective.

He also has a long experience in the NGO side, where among other things he trained Housing First models all over Sweden.

Watch the webinar recording here: