WEBINAR: Homelessness and Housing First in Australia

On February the 20th, we’ve hosted a Webinar on ‘Homelessness and Housing First in Australia’.

The Webinar started with an introduction by Arturo Coego, Coordinator of the Housing First Europe Hub that moderated the session.

During this engaging session, Kate Colvin, Rosie Dodd, and Tina Ugle presented us Homelessness and Housing First in Australia.

This presentation has been be followed-up by a discussion that allowed the participants to exchange insights and ask questions with fellow attendees!



Kate Colvin is the CEO of Homelessness Australia, the national peak body for homelessness on ‘Homelessness in Australia in a growing housing crisis: an overview of current trends and the Australian homelessness service response’.

Rosie Dodd is the Team leader of the Melbourne Street to Home program: a support program applying Housing First principles, she’s also an Housing First Europe Hub training alumni.

Tina Ugle, is the Managing Director of Noongar Mia Mia on ‘Adapting Housing First to meet the unique cultural context of Noongar First Nations Australians’.