WEBINAR: Engaging other sectors in Housing First

On January the 10th, join us for a Webinar on ‘Engaging other sectors in Housing First’.

The Webinar will start with an introduction by Arturo Coego, Coordinator of the Housing First Europe Hub that will moderate the session.
During this engaging session, Alex Smith, Senior National Practice Development Project Manager (Housing First Lead) at Homeless Link, will present us ways of engaging other sectors in Housing First.

This presentation will be followed-up by a discussion that will allow you to exchange insights and ask questions with fellow attendees!


Alex Smith is senior programme manager with Homeless Link’s National Practice Development Team. Alex joined Homeless Link in August 2019 and leads Housing First England. Alex is passionate about supporting the development and delivery of high-fidelity Housing First services and has a particular interest in systems thinking and the importance of systems change in the scaling up of Housing First in England.

Twitter – @AlexLSmith1983
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-smith-32584174/