Housing First: How to make it work?

In June 2021, with the signing of the Lisbon Declaration, all EU Member States committed to work together towards the ending of homelessness by 2030 and launched the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness. The Platform brings together representatives of Member States, EU Institutions and civil society organisations in their efforts to fight homelessness, by reinforcing prevention and implementing integrated, housing-led approaches.

This initiative comes at a very crucial time. Already before the COVID-19 pandemic, our members had reported on a growing number of people experiencing homelessness across Europe, with groups such as migrants, women or people with mental health problems being particularly affected. Temporary safeguarding measures during the pandemic were introduced in many countries across Europe, which prevented a spike in evictions and homelessness. However, the end of these measures, together with the current war in Ukraine, soaring food and energy costs and general cost-of-living crisis are undoubtedly increasing the risk of evictions and homelessness.

This event aimed to open the discussion and stimulate the sharing of experiences between civil society representatives, service providers, researchers and policymakers on the development of successful housing-led and Housing First approaches. What is required to transition to these approaches? What kind of support do service providers need to implement housing-led and Housing-first projects? How can governments scale up successful Housing First projects? How can we ensure that States’ homelessness strategies are underpinned by housing-led models?

Please find the agenda here.

For further information please contact Magdalena.Bordagorry@eurodiaconia.org