The feasibility study for Housing First in the Liverpool City Region launched

The study is the most comprehensive homelessness reform agenda for a city in England to date, and offers a complete system shift with housing first and housing led approaches that would transform the prospects of current and future homeless populations.

The study aimed to test the feasibility of implementing Housing First at scale within the Liverpool City Region (LCR) by:

  • Using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data from LCR to develop, evaluate and propose a model for implementing Housing First at scale within the region;
  • Assessing the financial and commissioning implications of making the transition to this model;
  • Understanding the local and national policy changes needed to support this model;

This study was commissioned by Crisis, with funding from the (UK Government) Department of Communities and Local Government and the Housing First Europe Hub. It was conducted by a consortium led by Imogen Blood & Associates and including Housing & Support Partnership, HGO Consultancy, and the Centre for Housing Policy (University of York).

A publication offering resources for other cities who choose to follow this model of complete system redesign around Housing First will be published in October.

The full report and executive summary can be found here

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