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Peter-Jan Heylenbosch

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Country: Belgium
Languages: DutchEnglish

Since the beginning of my career as a social worker I loved working with people suffering homelesness. I started working in day shelter for homless people during my studies in 2010 untill 2013 combined with working in the crisis shelter and night shelter in the city of Ghent. In 2013 I started my job as a Housing First support worker for the public welfare of Ghent, this project was part of the belgian Housing First project, funded by the belgian governement. When this project and research came to an end in 2016, I was asked by SAM VZW to assist in the flemish housing first training to provide insights from my daily practice. My interest in Housing first kept growing and I decided to follow the housing first train-the-trainer course, organised by the Housing First Europe hub. A bit later followed by the Outreach! course, organized by SAM Vzw Belgium. At the moment I still work as a Housing first support worker for the city of Ghent and I provide the Housing First and Outreach! courses for the flemish region and the Outreach! course as a freelance trainer commissioned by SAM vzw Belgium.