Training on Housing First

The Housing First Europe Hub runs an annual ‘Train-the-Trainer’ programme. Each course brings together approximately 30 trainers from a number of European countries and beyond for 3 training sessions in different European cities over the course of a year. The curriculum is based on the Housing First Europe Guide (which is now available in English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Czech – ).

The trainers use the 8 core principles of Housing First  as a foundation for the course, and are now developing their own training courses on topics which cover topics in the following areas:

– What is Housing First

– Delivering Housing First

– Managing Housing First

Trainers who have completed the Housing First Europe Hub’s Train-the-Trainer programme are eligible to join our Housing First Training Faculty. Our expert trainers are leaders in their field and work in organisations, governments, and educational institutions across Europe. Visit our Trainer’s Directory to find the latest list of trainers available to provide training on Housing First in your local area.

For more information about the Housing First Europe Hub Train-the-Trainer programme, please contact:

Samara Jones
Programme Coordinator – Housing First Europe Hub


Taina Hytönen
Programme Coordinator – Housing First Europe Hub