Turning Point Scotland

Turning Point Scotland (TPS) works with adults who are experiencing a range of support needs. This includes housing and homelessness, learning disability, autism, acquired brain injury, fluctuating mental health, physical disabilities, problematic alcohol and/or other drug use and involvement in the criminal justice system. Every day they work with well over 4,000 people and every year around 8,700. TPS helps their clients to address issues they are experiencing and recognise their own skills and interests.

In 2010 TPS invested in the UK’s first Housing First pilot project. Since then they have grown their services across multiple local authorities, including Consortium partnerships with other agencies working across 7 Local Authority Areas. They have worked with over 600 people in 11 years;
– 84% remain in their home
– 8% have died
– 1% were evicted
– 3% moved to Supported Accommodation
– 3% of tenancies were abandoned
– Less than 1% of people are serving a long term prison sentence

Turning Point Scotland believes strongly in delivering Housing First with high fidelity to the 7 principles, and working towards ensuring they deliver Systems Fidelity within the wider systems that Housing First effects or is effected by. Additionally, they deliver the Housing First Academy focussed on the Communities of Practice Hub, Training Hub and Housing First Europe Hub (www.housingfirstacademy.com).

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