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Delivering Support in Housing First

This unit explores what kind of support is provided in Housing First and how this support is organized.

First of all, have a look at the questions we will try to answer in this unit:

Key Questions

  • What are the goals of support in Housing First?
  • How is support delivered in Housing First?
  • How does multidisciplinary working happen in Housing First?



Take some time to read Chapter 3 of the Housing First Guide Europe.


To improve your knowledge of how to deliver support in Housing First, watch the following video about complex needs, the goals of support, mobility and flexibility of the support: 

The following video addresses how some of the core principles look when supporting service users in Housing First:
This video draws your attention to how and when taking a step back and shows some of the challenges of support in Housing First:
In this video we take a look at how a team organise support in Housing First, the role of peer workers, the decision-making, the tools and the role of creativity:
To learn more about the role of community working in Housing First, watch the following video:


Answer the quiz on the website to test your understanding of the contents of the Unit.