About the Hub

The Hub was established by the Y-Foundation (Finland) and FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People), along with more than 15 partners in July 2016.

The Hub’s activities focus on training, research and practice. In its first year, the Hub has started a number of projects including:


Roadmap for Scaling Up Housing First in a Major City

In cooperation with Hub partner Crisis, and support from other Hub partners (Homeless Link UK, Turning Point Scotland, Focus Ireland, Husbanken, etc.), the Hub has conducted a feasibility study on how to move beyond the pilot project phase and make Housing First the mainstream response to homelessness in Liverpool.

The preliminary findings of this study were presented at the FEANTSA policy conference in Gdansk, Poland on 19 May 2017. The full report was published in Liverpool in July 2017.

Click here for the Executive Summary of the report

Click here for the full report

The Hub will produce a roadmap and other materials for cities to adapt this study and its findings to their own contexts. These materials will be published in late 2017. Please contact Samara.Jones@feantsa.org if you have any questions.


Housing First for Youth

the Hub, with partners in several countries – Rock Trust (Scotland, UK), Focus Ireland, and advisors from Finland, Canada, and the USA, is developing a framework for Housing First for Youth in Europe. Over the next few months, the Hub will:

  • publish working definition of Housing First for Youth in Europe
  • develop evaluation models/templates on Housing First for Youth
  • host, with FEANTSA Youth, a Study Session on Housing First for Youth at the Council of Europe’s European Youth Centre in Budapest in June 2017
  • establish a Housing First for Youth with The Rock Trust and other partners in Edinburgh, Scotland


The Hub will produce a regular research digest on recent developments in Housing First. Articles and reports will be regularly added to the resource database on this website, and you can sign up to receive the research digest by sending an email to samara.jones@feantsa.org or taina.hytonen@ysaatio.fi.


The Hub will establish and train a pool of trainers who will be available to provide information sessions and classes on delivering Housing First in several European languages and countries. The Train-the-Trainer education programme will start in late spring 2017. Watch this space for more information and contact (Taina or Samara) if you are interested in this programme.

What is Housing First

Housing First is an internationally evidence-based approach, which uses independent, stable housing as a platform to enable individuals with multiple and complex needs to begin recovery and move away from homelessness.

Through the provision of intensive, flexible and person-centred support, 70-90% of Housing First residents are able to remain housed. Having a place to call home also leads to improvements in health and wellbeing, and reduces ineffective contact with costly public services.

Unlike other supported housing models, individuals do not need to prove they are ready for independent housing, or progress through a series of accommodation and treatment services. There are no conditions placed on them, other than a willingness to maintain a tenancy agreement, and Housing First is designed to provide long-term, open-ended support for their on-going needs.

Core principles of Housing First

Commitment to the core principles of Housing First

All partners who join the Hub are asked to confirm their commitment to the core principles of Housing First as described in the Housing First Europe Guide:

  1. Housing is a human right
  2. Choice and control for service users
  3. Separation of housing and treatment
  4. Recovery orientation
  5. Harm reduction
  6. Active engagement without coercion
  7. Person-centred planning
  8. Flexible support for as long as is required

Programme coordinators

Samara Jones
Programme Coordinator – Housing First Europe Hub
+32 (0)2 538 66 69
+32 (0)471 611 877
FEANTSA – European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People
194, Chaussée de Louvain
1210 Brussels, Belgium

Taina Hytönen
Programme Coordinator – Housing First Europe Hub